When To Have A Baby Shower

The baby shower is a very popular ritual held for the mother to be before the birth of her baby, but when is the right time to have the celebration? This article looks at choosing when to have a baby shower so whether you are arranging the party for your pregnant friend or whether you yourself are the parent to be, you can make the right choice.

While it is traditional to hold the baby shower close to the baby's due date, there is a definite argument for holding it sooner rather than later. The closer it gets to the 40th week of pregnancy, the mother to be will be feeling too uncomfortable to really enjoy the event, so some time between 30 and 35 weeks is probably the ideal timeframe. The last three or four weeks of pregnancy can really exhaust the mother to be and she will be in no mood to be organising, arranging or even attending a major event, even one that is being held in her honour.

Arranging a baby shower for around 32 to 34 weeks is a sensible idea. That way, if baby comes early, say at 36 weeks, the baby shower will have already taken place. Holding a shower at this stage of the pregnancy also gives the mother something to look forward to when the novelty of being pregnant has worn off and all the reality of the extra baby weight and associated discomforts start to kick in.

If the baby shower is held before 36 weeks, this allows parents to assess which items they have received and which baby items they still need to purchase before the big day. This allows enough time to source and buy all the remaining necessary items before baby makes an appearance. It also allows sufficient time to set up any gifts which require assembling, such as a cot or bassinet before the birth.

Of course all mothers to be are different, and some may prefer to hold their baby shower much earlier than others, so if you are arranging the event for your friend or family member, be sure to include her in your discussions. Remember that it really is her special day, so her opinions should be taken into account.

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