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Baby Shower Themes

If you need to arrange a baby shower for a friend or relative, you might be looking for inspiration for a theme for the special day. These days, choosing a theme for a baby shower helps to give the occasion focus and makes the mom to be feel really special. Here are some of the most popular and best themes that you might want to consider for your event.

Bright Colors

Bright Colors

A easy theme to do, choosing bright colors is a great way to bright light and life into the mom-to-be's life at a time when she might be feeling tired and fed up. Choose multicolored decorations, bright balloons, buffet foods in all colors and all the guests can wear vibrantly patterned clothing. What better way to bring a super fun touch to the day?

Traditional Tales

Fairy tales are always a popular theme for baby showers, with the opportunity to choose decor inspired by traditional stories. Make Hansel and Gretel inspired candy cakes for the buffet, go with a fairytale castle theme for the decor and even give the mom-to-be her own princess crown as part of the celebration.

Pretty In Pink

Is the mom-to-be having a girl? Then go with a classic pink theme. Decorations, balloons, guest attire, tableware, cakes, invitations, you name it, choose different shades of pink. Guests could even bring a pink themed gift as part of a coordinated approach.

Ready To Pop?

A pop themed party is great fun for everyone. A celebration of all things pop related, include popcorn as part of your buffet spread, drink fizzy pop in champagne glasses, serve pretty cake pops on sticks and of course you should play pop music to set the party atmosphere!

Party For A Star

Go with a sparkling, glittery theme to celebrate the little star that's on its way. Decorate the room with silver decorations, spread glitter over the buffet table, send out silver card invitations, wear sequinned outfits and of course, silver tiaras are an absolute essential!

Boy Or A Girl?

If the little one's gender isn't known yet, go for a boy/girl theme. Choose both pink and blue decorations for the room and table, decorate cup cakes with both blue and pink frosting and everyone can dress in blue and pink clothing.

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