Baby Shower Games


Sometimes, guests dread that time in the baby shower when the host says its time to play a game, but this part of the occasion needn’t be a chore when you choose exciting and interactive baby shower games that the guests are sure to love. Here are some of the best options for you to consider if you are planning a baby shower for a friend or relative and want the event to go with a swing.

Gift Bingo


This is a game that will get the guests participating and having fun. Hand out blank bingo cards to each time for them to fill in themselves with ideas for presents that the mom-to-be might receive. Then each team marks off anything on their card as the gifts are opened. Did anyone get a winning line?

Guess That Tune


Make a mix CD of popular children’s songs and play the guests the first five seconds of each track for them to guess the title. Did any team guess them all?

Guess The Baby Food


This game is a lot of fun and gets everyone laughing. Buy lots of jars of different baby foods and take off the labels so that nobody knows which is which. Guests have to take it in turns to taste each food and decide which flavor each one is. Did anyone get them all right?

Baby Match


Every guest will need to bring a photo of themselves as a baby to put on a large board then all the guests must decide which photo goes with which guest. Not as easy as it looks!

Celebrity Baby Match


Tricky but fun and it gets people talking. Cut out pictures from magazines or print images off the internet of big celebrities and their children and guests must match the right celebrity with their own child. This game will soon sort out the true celebrity fans from the rest!

Questions And Answers


This game is sure to cause great hilarity at any party. Each guest takes a blank card and writes a parenting related question on the front of the card, turns it over and passes it on to the next guest. Guests then write the answer to their original question on the back of the next card they receive. The idea is to make the answers as funny as possible and the answer that makes everyone laugh the most wins.

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