Baby Shower Checklist

Baby Shower Checklist

Ten Weeks Before the Baby Shower

  • Create the guest list.
  • Set the date for the shower.
  • Ask Mother-to-Be to register at her favorite stores for gifts.
Nine Weeks Before the Baby Shower
  • Figure out the total budget for the shower.
  • Decide on the location for the baby shower.

Eight Weeks Before the Baby Shower
  • Pick a theme for the baby shower.
  • Select invitations that match the shower theme.

Seven Weeks Before the Baby Shower

  • Send out the invitations that match the theme with directions to the shower location. Six Weeks Before the Baby Shower
  • Decide if the party will be catered or not.
  • Plan the baby shower menu.
Five Weeks Before the Baby Shower

  • Begin looking for decorations and supplies that match your baby shower theme.
  • If not using a caterer, look for recipes for your baby shower menu.
Four Weeks Before the Baby Shower
  • Begin looking at baby shower games and activities.
  • Decide if you will give favors.
Three Weeks Before the Baby Shower
  • If you aren’t making the shower cake yourself, order it now.
  • If you are hosting at a home and need extras, reserve tables and chairs from rental store.
  • If you are giving a gift in addition to the baby shower, purchase it now.
Two Weeks Before the Baby Shower
  • If ordering flowers and balloons as decorations for the party, order them now.
  • Purchase baby shower decorations, favors, and game prizes.
  • If you have decided to have games and/or activities, decide which ones.
  • If using a caterer, finalize the menu.
  • If not using a caterer, make grocery list for recipes you are serving. One Week Before the Baby Shower
  • Call any guests who have not RSVP’d to the baby shower.
  • Determine a final guest count.
  • Wrap baby shower games prizes and favors.
  • Purchase film for camera. Check camera batteries.
  • Prepare name tags, table place cards, table assignments if using.
  • Confirm reservations, if applicable.
  • Make sure you have a place for the guests’ coats as they arrive and have plenty of hangers.
Three Days Before the Baby Shower

  • If having the shower in your home, clean the rooms your guests will see (living room, bathroom, kitchen).
  • Prepare a party schedule that will keep the party on track.
  • Load your camera with the purchased film and/or batteries.
Two Days Before the Baby Shower

  • Purchase all the groceries needed for the shower.
  • Make sure you have plenty of ice.
  • Decide on the serving dish for each menu item.
  • Review the games and activities and gather items needed such as pencils, paper, rice, etc.
  • Make street signs, if necessary.
  • Make sure that you have done everything you needed to do on the checklist thus far. The Day Before the Baby Shower
  • If you are baking the shower cake, do it today.
  • Wash and cut up vegetables and fruits that you will be serving.
  • If you are cooking for the shower, prepare as much today as you can.
  • If possible, set up tables, chairs, serving table and gift table.
  • If using a caterer, touch base to make sure there are no problems and confirm delivery.
The Day of the Baby Shower
  • Pick up the shower cake from the bakery if not baking it yourself.
  • Pick up balloons and/or flowers that you have ordered as decorations.
  • Finish putting up decorations.
  • Finish cooking the menu items and arrange them on the serving plates.
  • Set out garbage bags and pencil and paper near the gift table. As the gifts are opened, write down the giver’s name and the gift for the Mother-to-be to reference for her Thank You notes.
One Hour Before the Baby Shower
  • Make the punch and/or set out other drinks and cups such as sodas, coffee, or tea.
  • Change your clothes, put on your makeup, comb your hair for the party.
  • Set the food out for the guests.
  • Greet your guests now and enjoy hosting the baby shower!

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