Baby Shower Activities

While baby shower games are always popular, sometimes they are a bit too silly or awkward or sometimes the mom-to-be just isn’t in the mood. If that’s the case, you need to fill the day with some fun activities to get the guests mingling and to make the event memorable and enjoyable. Here are some popular baby shower activities that will go down a storm at any baby shower that you are organizing.

Parenting Advice Manual


Every parent has tips and tricks of their own when it comes to caring for babies and young children. Give your guests the opportunity to detail their own “been there, done that” experience by letting each guest write a piece of advice in a manual for the mom-to-be. Not only will it make a lovely keepsake of the occasion, the mom-to-be might also get some great ideas for the future.

Decorate A Sleepsuit


Give each guest a plain white sleepsuit or vest together with some fabric pens and let them decorate a special gift for the little one. Not only will the mom-to-be get a cool personalized wardrobe for her baby, but these will also make really special mementos in the future of this happy time.

Make A Video


Another special gift for the baby and mom-to-be would be a personal video made at the baby shower where each of the guest gives a special message to the little one. A fun and inspirational activity, all the guests will want to get involved.

Decorate A Photo Frame


Everyone knows that a proud mom wants to display photos of her new baby all over her home. She’ll never be short of photo frames if you organize this baby shower activity. Give each guest a plain wooden photo frame together with paints, glitter and stick on decorations and allow them to create a lovely unique frame to give to the mom-to-be.

Baby Shower Karaoke

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A great idea for groups of outgoing friends, borrow or hire a karaoke machine and get a lot of tracks that feature the word “baby”. Guests can sing along to their favorite numbers and enjoy listening or laughing along.

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